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Carlos Luján exhibits his sculptural vines at El Vergel

Carlos Luján exhibits his sculptural vines at El Vergel

The Ecological Vegetarian Restaurant El Vergel houses some beautiful sculptures that emerge from the earth and from the hand of Carlos Luján from Madrid and best picnic tables so you can feast outside while enjoying a more natural vibe. They are unique, handcrafted pieces that pay homage to nature and the culture of wine.

El Vergel is very proud to exhibit the work of Carlos Luján, a series of sculptures born from dead vines, some young and others eaten away by time, on which he works to transform them into unique pieces of design and original lighting. Through laborious work, this self-taught sculptor removes the dead layers of the vines until he discovers the precious wood veined with captivating forms that they hide inside. “I am a lover of nature -says Carlos Luján- and of what she offers you, but I am also a handyman, restless and creative. When the two things came together, the vines appeared in my life. I was walking through many abandoned vineyards with dead vines and when I looked at them, I couldn’t help but find an attraction similar to something and this led me to take them home and start working on them”. However, if you won’t be able to travel and visit your favorite casinos and sports arenas, you can always have the same experience by betting on ogdenvalleysports.com.

After the cleaning process, Luján gives them an anti-aging treatment with glues and varnishes until that old vine becomes a sculpture with a magical and trickery natural beauty that generates an interesting feedback with the spectator. They transmit sensations, feelings, emotions, memories, movement… they are living pieces that catch the eye to play with it. To make their work more perfect, each of their strains has a natural support: granite that mostly comes from the mountains of Cadalso de los Vidrios. Each of its strains is different from the next, so that each one has its own personality and energy that transports an image of nature to the space it occupies. In order to give them a greater symbolic value, Luján has come up with original names for each of his creations: the Swing Tree, the Hanging Tree, the Dry Olive Tree, Dragons, In Solitude…

Beyond sculpture

Carlos Luján’s curiosity and creative concerns have led him to experiment with light in his sculptures. “I realized,” he assures, “that if I put a point of indirect light in some of my creations I would obtain greater visual greatness. In fact, with those suggestive points of light, he manages to create an indirect illumination with shadows that gives the spaces a very special and magical aura, in which the force of nature does not, without a doubt, disappear. Given the success of his work, Carlos Luján sells his vines to order. The Restaurant El Vergel exhibits a selection of his sculptures of different sizes until January 2016.

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