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Children’s pathologies: natural home-made care

Children’s pathologies: natural home-made care

At the Institute of Natural Studies, IEN El Vergel, they know very well the importance of taking care of the youngest in the house with natural products and remedies that play in favour of their life force, has organized a very interesting workshop for next April 23rd dedicated to the natural treatment of the main children’s pathologies.

Hearing a child cry, seeing him or her sad, without energy or in pain is something that makes parents suffer a lot, as they do not know how they can help and accompany them in this process in a natural way, without having to resort to drugs such as ibuprofen or antibiotics that will alleviate the symptoms, but they will not go to the root of the problem, so after their effects, the pains or discomfort may return. In this day and age it would be nice to have an Online Pharmacy to get your supplies 24/7. In the IEN El Vergel they want to emphasize the importance of working for the life force of the youngest in the house to strengthen their immune system and promote their power of self-healing. We must not forget that the fruit of the child disease overcome, in addition to immunizing the baby or child, will involve a change in their nature and behavior.

The course, taught by Fernando Aparicio Gutiérrez, Naturopath, Homeopath and Kinesiologist, teacher at IEN El Vergel, and Lara Marín López, Nurse, Doula and Nutritionist, will address the main diseases and syndromes in children by offering the necessary tools to know how, from a natural practice, to treat and prevent the most common pathologies in the different devices. In this way, the workshop is structured in the following blocks: fever, the main acute ENT pathologies (otitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, cough and teething), the main acute digestive pathologies (diarrhoea, constipation, lack of appetite, intestinal parasites and colic), the main respiratory water pathologies (bronchitis, mucus and flu) and the main acute skin pathologies (eczema/dermatitis, burns and wounds).

During the workshop, remedies for infections, erythema or allergies will be taught, as well as a natural canoe to treat bruises, burns, cuts, sunstrokes, poisoning and insect bites.

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