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El Vergel Restaurant takes to the streets: first Eco-Terrace next to Madrid Río
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El Vergel Restaurant takes to the streets: first Eco-Terrace next to Madrid Río

It is a great pleasure to share with all of you that the Vegetarian Restaurant El Vergel has just opened the first open air Terrace in Madrid that serves exclusively products from Certified Organic Agriculture. Located in a privileged area of the capital, next to Madrid Río (at Calle Aniceto Marinas, 52, direct entrance to the restaurant and parallel to Paseo de la Florida, 53), and just a stone’s throw from the centre, it offers a peaceful and very pleasant setting to enjoy 100% organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine with gluten-free options. With 18 tables and space for 80 guests, on the terrace you can have breakfast, an aperitif or a mid-morning snack, enjoy a snack at any time, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. From Monday to Friday, during lunch, you can enjoy the Daily Menu and the Special Menu.

“Our aim”, says Tino del Vado, head of the El Vergel Vegetarian Restaurant, “with the opening of the terrace has been to respond to our desire to bring the restaurant out into the open air so that everyone can enjoy the cuisine of a unique space in the capital, which is both ecological and vegetarian. Our proposal ranges from a healthy breakfast to a delicious dinner, always being the vegetables from organic farming the protagonists. But there is also space for an aperitif in the mid-morning or to taste a delicious vegan ice cream in the afternoon. All this by the river, in a space where you can breathe tranquillity. We thought Madrid needed a place like this.

An Ecoresponsible Charter

Under an eco-friendly and eco-healthy philosophy, the El Vergel Eco Terrace was born guaranteed by the success of a company that has been working in the field of conscious, ecological and responsible food with the environment and health for 12 years now. The menu, carefully prepared, is the queen of this project, which features ecological products of the highest quality and the greatest respect for the environment and the nutritional properties of each foodstuff. You can taste salads, dishes with cereals, tofu, seitan, vegetables (of all colors! ), pasta, eggs… The star specialties of our chef, which leave no one indifferent, are the spongy homemade mushroom, spinach and leek croquettes, the tasty mixed seitan and tofu skewer with vegetables and two sauces, the delicious grilled mushrooms washed down with red wine, chopped garlic and a very special touch of basil, the suggestive timbale of avocado and piquillo peppers with natural tomato and mozzarella cheese or the delicious and different scrambled eggs with vegetable black pudding. Not forgetting our paella El Vergel with Seaweed, the moussaka with seasonal vegetables au gratin with cheese and bechamel or the mushroom and leek cake.

Organic vegan shakes, smoothies and ice creams have a very special place on the menu thanks to their explosive and surprising flavours, loaded with vitamins and minerals, which can be put on the go. Among the sweet options, the following stand out
The delicious natural yogurt (cow or soya) accompanied by seasonal fruits. As for the drinks menu, the El Vergel Eco Terrace offers a wide variety of options both hot and cold: infusions, coffees, cereal coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, waters, wines, beers, champagne, rice, oat or soya drinks.

Increasing the family

The inauguration of the terrace means for El Vergel to continue consolidating a project that was born more than 12 years ago by the hand of its director, Jerónimo Calvo Yagüe, with the aim of making the greatest possible number of people aware of the importance of eating an ecological, toxic-free diet that is not only beneficial to health but also respectful and responsible for the environment. “The opening of our ecological terrace next to the river”, says Jerónimo Calvo, “is another step towards our goal of offering all possible alternatives within ecological food. With it we have achieved a dream that we have been working on for several years and that we want to share with all those who come here to comfortably enjoy organic food outdoors in an environment without noise or fumes.

Ecological Terrace Restaurant Vegeteriano El Vergel
Aniceto Marinas, 52, street parallel to Paseo de la Florida, 53, and direct entrance to our supermarket.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10 to 17 and from 21 to 24 hours.
Average price per person: 20 euros.
Half day menu: 12 euros
Special menu (only served with meals, also on weekends): 17 euros.
Reservations: 91 547 19 52

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