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El Vergel with Guerreras Running: women’s race in Madrid

El Vergel with Guerreras Running: women’s race in Madrid

Sport unites and if it is for a reason of solidarity much more. El Vergel joins the new call of Guerreras Running in Madrid, a non-profit movement of girls that was born in Murcia and that, little by little, has been extended to the rest of Spain. On 18 April they have organised a new open race in the capital with a double objective: to share kilometres and show their commitment to solidarity with the Red Cross campaign to collect 1 litre of any product for the most needy families. Under the general direction of Ana Castillo, Guerreras Running wants to encourage and motivate girls to run and to have a much more active and healthy life. Currently, there are consolidated groups in Murcia, Seville, the Canary Islands, Toledo and Madrid. In the meeting on April 18 there will be three running groups aimed at all levels so that no woman is left without participating for fear of not being able to reach the finish line. If you are into betting in race and other sports, you can do them securely at https://www.ufabet123.com/ufabet/.

What do you have to do to be a Running Warrior?

As the director says, to be part of the group you simply have to feel like a “warrior”, have the desire to wear shoes, go out into the street, run without fear and have a great time. All stays are open and free of charge. Warriors Running are not federated, nor are they physical trainers, they just have a great passion for sports, running in the open air and sharing experiences. Within their organization they have two symbolic elements: a personalized T-shirt and a warrior card.

Where do the stays take place?

In Madrid, led by Sofía Navarro, on Warrior Mondays the girls from the initial level stay at the Retiro between 7 and 7.30 pm and run for about 30 minutes, alternating between walking sections and introducing strength and running technique exercises. The intermediate level is reserved for Warrior Wednesdays in the Canal zone at 8 pm to share a training series, fartlek and rhythm changes. In addition, due to the existing demand, they are starting to make weekend openings in Madrid for the Warriors and their friends; they carry out training for all levels in which people specialized in running participate.

Solidarity Race Saturday 18th April

Time: 11:00

Where: Tierno Galván Park Amphitheatre.

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