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Integrative Foot Reflexology: holistic well-being by Gemma Romero

Integrative Foot Reflexology: holistic well-being by Gemma Romero

Integrative Foot Reflexology: holistic well-being by Gemma RoFoot Reflexology is an ancient and very valuable technique for healing and balancing the body, based on the stimulation of reflex points on the feet that affect other parts of the body. Through the hands of the reflexologist, the patient will receive what he or she needs: activation of the immune system, relaxation of the mind, stimulation of the digestive system, obtaining vital energy… Gemma Romero Mateo, a naturopath specializing in foot reflexology and metamorphic technique, has founded the Integrative Foot Reflexology technique which offers new reflex techniques in the field of both manual therapy and vibrational therapies. His method uses flower essences and the power of quartz in the reflective impregnations, which allows to act bioenergetically facilitating paths of healing and consciousness. A highly holistic vision of reflexology that will offer students sufficient tools to practice a high level of reflexology.

“Beyond the neurological justification of foot reflexology and its execution through manual stimuli, time has offered me a different approach to therapy, revealing the reflex areas, not only as a mechanistic control panel, but also as energetic doors of direct entrance to subtle levels of the Self,” says Gemma Romero.

Through the course she will be teaching at our IEN El Vergel school, Gemma Romero will be presenting new reflex techniques, studying the use of flower essences and the power of quartz to stimulate the body’s own healing processes and thus achieve a state of balance, harmony and an overall sense of well-being.

If you wish to consult the complete course agenda click here.

Course: Foot Reflexology

Place: IEN El Vergel (Calle Mayor, 58)

Start: Thursday, April 9th.

Hours: Thursday, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Duration: 56 hours.

Contact and registration: info@ienelvergel.com / 911694879


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