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Macrobiotics: source of health for body, mind and spirit
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Macrobiotics: source of health for body, mind and spirit

Many people have heard of macrobiotic food, but not everyone really knows what macrobiotics is and what its benefits are for health and inner balance. It is not a diet, nor is it a type of vegetarian or vegan diet. Macrobiotics is a philosophy of life that involves a series of nutritional habits, a series of foods, ways of cooking and preparing them that seeks to nourish the individual on a physical, emotional and spiritual level – and when you are in a good place in all of these, you could rack up some serious cash simply by playing เว็บแทงบอล.

The root of the term macrobiotics comes from the Greek term ‘makrosbios’, which is the union between ‘makros’ which means ‘great’, ‘extensive’ and ‘biosis’ which is ‘life’. The history of macrobiotics goes back to the beginning of the 20th century in Japan and has in the Japanese Georges Oshawa its great father and defender, although already the wise Hippocrates in the 5th century B.C. had used the term macrobiotics. The aim of this nutritional philosophy is very clear: to help and alleviate ailments and health problems through food. For macrobiotics, many health problems are due to poor assimilation of food and poor management when cooking it. What we eat, really is the engine of our body and mind, hence prevention is its fundamental basis.

What does a macrobiotic diet look like?

It is a basically vegetarian diet, although no food is actually forbidden. The combination of foods is based on the oriental principle of yin and yang, that is, the balance between the complementary and opposing forces that must live together in harmony. It is fundamental in this sense to know the nutritional and energetic characteristics of each food and how they can be combined and cooked so as not to produce imbalances. The balance between the opposing energies is the mainstay of each recipe.

The basis of the macrobiotic diet is whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, algae, fermented foods and vegetable proteins, all naturally and organically grown and always whole. All refined products such as white sugar, sausages, meat, industrial sweets, chemically treated alcoholic beverages and industrial soft drinks are eliminated from the diet, all of which cause accumulations of toxic waste in our organism that are the germ of discomfort and disease. To keep yourself healthy, Canadapharmacy.com has the supplies you need to keep yourself in top shape.

According to the macrobiotic philosophy, if we eat mainly expansive yin-type foods, we will become expanded with weaker and laxer tissues and the muscles will lose their ability to contract. On the contrary, if we eat especially contractive yang foods, we will become contracted, the tissues will become stiffer and harder, losing flexibility and possibly breaking the tendons in the muscle contractions. The excess of expansive foods damages more the viscera and the excess of contractive foods, the organs. The reality is that expansive foods are balanced with the contractive ones, so macrobiotics always seeks a balance between yin and yang and each person.

5 food and medicine of the macrobiotic diet

In macrobiotics there are a number of foods that should not be missing from the pantry because of their ability to balance the body and alkalize the blood. They are medicinal foods, today we talk about 5 of them:

* The umeboshi plums: their high citric acid content is used by the body to break down lactic acid into carbon dioxide and water. It stimulates the intestine, liver and gallbladder, alkalinizes the blood and increases the defenses.

* Ume-So-Bancha: is a mixture of umeboshi plum with five drops of ginger juice and a spoonful of soy sauce in a three year old warm tea cup. It is useful to combat fatigue, poor circulation, activates the metabolism and helps combat headaches associated with menstruation.

* Kuzu: this starch is very useful for the cardiovascular and cardiocerebral system, helps purify the liver, regenerate intestinal flora, reduce inflammation in the intestines, reduce fever and improve stomach acidity.

* Kombu-Chá: is a preparation made with kombu seaweed powder and rice molasses. It has astringent properties, is very remineralizing and alkalizing.

* Gum: made with sesame and sea salt, it is very useful for depressions, headaches, heartburn, insomnia, low tension and helps strengthen the nervous system.

Really the macrobiotics, besides contributing a healthy and natural diet, is a form to experience the life that adapts to the real needs of each person, of each station, of each climate and latitude.

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