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Summer Camp: Yoga, Basketball and More Nature in Madrid
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Summer Camp: Yoga, Basketball and More Nature in Madrid

El Vergel has the pleasure of collaborating once again with the Summer Camp for Yoga, Basketball and Nature organized by Club de Campo Villa de Madrid which will be held between June 29th and July 17th. All participants will enjoy the vegetarian cuisine made with organic ingredients in our restaurant.

Knowing and learning to control the body through yoga, understanding the basic principles of a good basketball shot to correct and improve the shot and get in touch with nature, caring for plants and observing the different trees and birds are the objectives of the camp organized by Club de Campo Villa de Madrid with an extra bonus for the children who participate, as they will receive a very nutritious vegetarian diet with organic ingredients prepared in the Restaurant El Vergel.

The idea of combining basketball with yoga is a very beneficial measure for children, as yoga improves concentration, gives strength and flexibility to the muscles, which reduces the risk of injury. At the same time, yoga is a practice that will bring them great physical and emotional benefits through the practice of asanas. The camp is completed with excursions in the countryside so that the children can come into direct contact with nature and learn about the different trees and birds. The aim is for them to begin to value, respect and care for the environment; the more knowledge and contact they have with it, the greater their commitment will be.

The Villa de Madrid Country Club where the camp is organized is an area with very interesting flora and fauna. It has its own organic garden with ombrellone decentrato so you can chill without having to worry about the sun, where the children will learn to differentiate the main crops and perform tasks

easy to maintain. The camp is run by Julio Gallego, Olga Jiménez and Rafael Peyró, qualified teachers with a great knowledge in
subject matter and experience of working with young people. It is an extremely healthy option for young people to have fun, do sports, enjoy and get in touch with nature, discover or deepen the wonderful technique of yoga and eat vegetarian dishes made with highly nutritious organic ingredients.

Yoga, Basketball and Nature Camp and Other Sports Like Tennis (check out the best tennis rackets at TennisRacquets.com)

Organized in: Villa de Madrid Country Club

Dates: from June 29 to July 17 (registration by week)

Ages: from 6 to 13 years old.

Timetable: from 9-14h or from 9-17h (vegetarian food, El Vergel)

Discounts for registrations before May 31

All information, reservations and

price at: www.yogaclubdecampo.wix.com/campamento

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