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Survival Gear Is Important For Your Safety

Survival Gear Is Important For Your Safety

  • February 21, 2020
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Survival gear from Uppercut Tactical is crucial to keeping you safe and comfortable in the outdoors. It can save your lives in an emergency.

Water, shelter, and fire are the most important survival tools. There are many other essential tools that can make your survival easier.


Water is an essential part of any survival kit. Many people get lost or stranded out in the wild and find themselves without water. It is important to be able collect and purify water in case it becomes unavailable.

Uppercut TacticalThere are many methods to draw water from natural sources. However, the best method is to collect rainwater and snow. Both are safe to drink, and can be taken from rivers, lakes, or oceans.

No matter what source of water you choose, it is crucial to treat the water prior to drinking it or for other purposes. This will ensure that it is free from bacteria and viruses, which can make it unsafe to drink.


Shelter is an essential part of survival gear. Shelter keeps you safe from the elements, and allows you to rest and sleep in safety. It also protects you from predators and pests, and can help you stay mentally calm.

Shelter is essential in your survival gear, regardless of whether you are in an urban or rural setting. Shelter can make or break your survival in any emergency.

A good survival shelter can help you maintain your body temperature to avoid heat exhaustion and hypothermia. It can also protect you from wind and rain, which can be deadly in certain circumstances.

The most common survival shelter type is an A-frame or a lean to, which are built on a rock or tree foundation. These shelters can be used to protect up four people and are very effective in keeping you dry and warm.

These shelters are ideal for cold weather and are easy to construct. They are often lined with space-like material that acts as a thermal reflector to keep your interior cool when it’s hot outside.

You can use these shelters as a temporary base for your food, water, and survival equipment. You can also build them to be your permanent home if you are stuck for a long time.

When building a survival shelter, the most important thing is to be aware of the environment around you. You should be aware of widowmakers such as dead trees, which could fall on you. Also, ensure that your shelter is located far from water sources and animal paths.


Fire is a vital survival skill that should be included in your survival kit. It can help you keep warm, cook food, boil water, provide light and send messages for rescue.

You can also keep insects and predators away from your fire at night. Predators will often move far away from a flame, and may avoid your location entirely.

Having several small fires around your sleeping area will make it much easier to keep the bugs away. The smoke from a fire can also be used as a signal to draw attention to your location and help you repel animals looking for food.

Another important consideration when preparing to build a fire is the fuel you use. The ideal fuel for a fire is dry wood. This will allow it to burn longer and stay hotter.

Before you try to light your fire, it is best to have a lot of fuelwood and kindling. This will allow you to plan your fire and prepare the materials necessary to light it.

You can then light the fire using your choice of method: lighter, matches (waterproof ones work better), or friction fire coal. At least three different ways to light a flame should be included in your emergency kit.

You’ll be able to easily build and maintain a fire regardless of the situation if you have a high-quality survival fire starter. It is important to practice this technique before you try it in real-life.

First Aid

First aid is vital for survival, especially if you have to deal with injuries outside. It is necessary to prevent serious injury or even death, and it can also help to reduce the amount of time the victim spends in pain while they wait for medical aid to arrive.

To prepare for an emergency, it’s important to have a well-stocked first aid kit with a variety of supplies and medications. Bandages, gauze and antiseptic wipes are some of the most basic supplies. These supplies are ideal for treating minor injuries like cuts and scrapes, and can be added to any bag or purse.

It is also important to note any major medical issues, such as allergies to foods, medications, or insects. This will allow first responders to identify potential problems if you become unconscious and are unable communicate them to you.


Signaling is crucial for survival. It helps you alert potential rescuers that your situation is urgent. You can use fire, flashing lights, bright color markers, flags, mirrors or whistles to help people find you. The key is to use a few different signals, in a way that is both easy on you and effective at drawing attention from rescuers.

If you use a whistle to signal others, you should follow the rule of threes: three short blasts followed by three long ones. Signal mirrors can also be used to direct the light in your area. To help your signal attract attention from aircraft and rescuers, you can also use astrobe lights.

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