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El Vergel reinvents its Paseo de la Florida facades

El Vergel reinvents its Paseo de la Florida facades

Passers-by who walk along the Paseo de la Florida and Calle Aniceto Marinas (the back façade of El Vergel and direct entrance to the restaurant) will find themselves at numbers 53 and 52, respectively, with a tribute to nature and healthy living, in which trees, rivers, hills, clouds, botanical plants, birds, the sun and vegetables take over not only the wall but also the surroundings.

Through expressionist and naturalist brushstrokes that merge into a handcrafted work in which “good work” has predominated, the facades of El Vergel, the ecological supermarket and vegetarian restaurant of reference in Madrid, have been transformed into a natural explosion that transmits the sensation of “pure air” and of escape from the conventional urban landscape.

Jerónimo Calvo Yagüe, director and founder of El Vergel, has opted for a multidisciplinary creator to bring this project to life. “In our eagerness to achieve the sensation of entering a happy and fresh place from the very entrance – affirms Jerónimo Calvo – we contacted an expert expressionist artist to decorate the facades and give them that air that invites you to enter to discover what is inside. The result has exceeded our expectations, and now the two entrances to El Vergel are visited and photographed daily by many people who pass in front of the establishment and are surprised by the colour and creativity on its walls”.

José María Fernández Montes, a cartoonist, illustrator, painter and story writer, was the creator of the two large murals that invite passers-by to enter a multidisciplinary and eco-friendly establishment, which is committed to safeguarding the planet and crops in order to generate a healthier and more healthy society. For Fernández Montes the biggest challenge he has faced has been: “Having to manage such a large space”. The two facades reproduce very personal and handcrafted interpretations of different landscapes with fresh, agile, precise and very lively brushstrokes that transmit that passion and devotion that El Vergel feels for nature, authenticity and the environment.

With this initiative, from El Vergel we wanted to bring to Paseo de la Florida a little piece of an invented landscape that not only breaks with the aesthetics of the area, but also invites you to travel with your imagination to transform the city into a source of inspiration. If you wouldn’t be able to travel to due health concerns and border restrictions, you can always 올인구조대 online and possibly make bank.


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