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World No Meat Day
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World No Meat Day

Since its first convocation in 1985, the World No Meat Day, celebrated on March 20, has experienced a very important growth and relevance worldwide. This international event, promoted by FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement), has two very clear objectives, on the one hand to carry out a worldwide education on the benefits of following a diet based on vegetable foods, without ingredients of animal origin, and on the other hand, to denounce the serious environmental problems caused by animal farms.

International health promotion organisations such as the American Cancer Society, the US National Cancer Institute, John Hopkins University and the American Heart Association have their own campaigns to promote the consumption of a vegetarian diet. From El Vergel we want to add to this significant day with a special talk with a vegan dinner included by Dr. Eva Lopez Madurga, a specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Doctor of Public Health and specialized in Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine. During the talk, Eva López will talk about animal products and their effects on health and the environment.

Why a day without meat?

*It reduces the risk of heart attacks, cancer and other degenerative and chronic diseases such as diabetes. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that in the West, the more animal products are consumed, the higher the rates of chronic diseases.

* Exposure to and infection with Salmonella and E-coli are reduced.

* The high consumption of animal fats increases the risk of obesity, circulatory problems, hypertension, among other diseases.

* A vegetarian diet raises our energy level.

* It increases the amount of grains, cereals and legumes available for human consumption.

* It preserves soil, groundwater, forests and other natural life forms that are not washed away to become fodder crops for animals.

* Soil, air and water are protected from contamination by urea, methane, faeces, urine, hormones and pesticides.

* Animals are saved from living in overcrowded cages and being mistreated. Each person who adopts a vegetable-based diet saves the lives of 95 animals each year. In fact, over the course of a person’s lifetime, more than 6,000 animals can be saved.

For all these reasons we encourage you to celebrate with El Vergel the World No Meat Day, for your health, for the animals, for the planet! We are waiting for you at Paseo de la Florida, 53 from 8pm.

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