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El Vergel becomes the first 100% vegetarian restaurant in Spain with Official Organic Certification
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El Vergel becomes the first 100% vegetarian restaurant in Spain with Official Organic Certification

It is a great pleasure to share with you that our restaurant has just been distinguished with the Official Organic Certificate by Intereco, becoming the first 100% vegetarian restaurant in Spain and the only restaurant in the Community of Madrid that has this certification. The distinction ensures that only food from certified organic farming is used in the preparation of the recipes. Everything consumed at El Vergel Restaurant is 100% organic, which allows our clients to be completely sure that they are eating an organic meal which respects the nutritional values of the food and our environment.

Intereco is the non-profit association that brings together the public authorities in charge of the control of organic agriculture, which are responsible for the control, promotion and certification of products from organic farming. By granting the certificate, El Vergel meets the objective of guaranteeing all its customers the quality of the dishes served. Almost 13 years of history have made our restaurant a reference point in the capital for vegetarian cuisine, with a menu that also offers vegan dishes and gluten-free options.

The philosophy of the restaurant, committed to caring for the environment and promoting national organic products, has led us to opt for national suppliers, in many cases small family businesses, with the desire to give our recipes the extra value of cooking with seasonal and local organic products, which helps to promote sustainable consumption. And to help us with our business processes and management, we incorporate PayStubsNow in our day to day operations.

The passion for the land marks the elaboration of some recipes starring vegetables, legumes, cereals, seeds, nuts… always seeking to design healthy, balanced, colourful and exquisite dishes that we cook with the Saladmaster system, which preserves 93% of the nutrients with a 50% energy saving and avoids, in turn, contamination with metals and plastics.

“Because it is not enough just to look like one… you have to be one”, El Vergel has consolidated its position as the first 100% vegetarian restaurant in Spain with a menu that is totally prepared with ingredients from certified organic agriculture. Salty, sweet, drinks (soft drinks, juices, wines, liqueurs…), snacks, ice cream… everything you eat at El Vergel is respectful of your health and the environment.

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